How Many Cities Must Be Inundated by Global Warming, But Not the President?

It truly is an amazing scenario that cities like Huston, in Texas, can be completely inundated as a result of global warming yet leaders, like Trump, continue to deny it. What does it take to wake them up? While he has reversed many of the sensible decision by Obama on this issue he has caused grief in so many because it would appear that his ego won’t allow him to be wrong.

There is no doubt that we are in the last days and everything points at it. Floods are everywhere as the Northern Hemisphere summer draws to an end. India and Pakistan are also inundated again, and it gets worse every monsoon season. These devastating events leave many dead, and one might be tempted to think that is a good thing.

Overpopulation and crowding of cities is impacting as resources dwindle and food shortages also bite hard. Crops are devastated and animals are killed by catastrophic events that include super-fires, droughts, and cyclones. Tornadoes are also increasing in intensity and bringing more devastation and heartache to many regions.

While climate sceptics appear to be more concerned with money than with what is happening to the planet there is little likelihood that such leaders will change their mind. In Australia the government is aiding an Indian Company to open a new coal-mine in Queensland that will be bigger than any other in the world.

People are protesting it but the Australian Prime Minister, like Trump, is denying the need to take heed of weather patterns and members of his government are behind the push for more coal-fired power-stations. We are truly at the end of what the planet can stand as far as man’s stupidity is concerned.

The end result will be death to every living thing and that is becoming more obvious by the day. Politicians who are so out-of-touch should be pushed out-of-office so that better thinkers replace them. On the other hand, however, it’s up to the population who protests the pollution and want a cleaner environment to raise their voices to build agree with them.

Of late, it seems that many are on the side of Trump and Turnbull while the hatred they conjure up against those who want a cleaner environment is hard to break through. This is another case of blindness within the communities who are more spurred on by violence and threats of war rather than peaceful solutions to the earth’s problems.